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Common Electrical Problems That Businesses Face

As electrical contractors we have come across many common electrical problems that businesses face. These electrical problems are occurrences that could happen often around your place of business. The electrical issues normally go one of two ways, either you are able to go on about your business day temporarily solving the issue or it completely disrupt your business and you have to shut down for the day.

Issues could include:

Overloading Circuits: This would cause the breaker to continuously trip and could either mean you have too many devices on one circuit or your power requirements for your equipment exceeds the capabilities of the circuits amperage rating causing you to need more circuits added to meet the demands of your business.

Loose Connection: This is a huge problem and could cause overheating and fires. An Infrared Electrical Inspection is one way to reduce this risk to catch issues before they become big problems. It is recommended to do at least one Infrared Electrical Inspection per year.

Grounding Issues or Lack of Grounding: Both issues could cause many different problems and is more prominent in older buildings.

Power Surge: Power surges can happen for many different reasons, but it can cause damage to your equipment like computers, TVs, etc. Adding a Surge Protection Device (SPD) to your panels as well as Surge Protection power strips to plug in your equipment is a simple way to reduce damage during a power surge.

Receptacle Shortage: Not enough receptacles around the building can create issues when building your office space and figuring out where to plug things in – this should be discussed during the preplanning period.

Being able to hire a professional electrical construction company from the start of your project can help alleviate all these problems that you may face after construction. Because of the OSHA guidelines licensed electrical construction companies must follow, we provide proper training for our entire company. With the proper training and knowledge, our team knows how to design projects that minimize electrical hazards creating a better space for your company right off the bat. Maddox Electric ensures that each project is using the highest quality materials, equipment, and labor force – we don’t cut corners. This makes sure that your systems will work for as long as they are designed to last and that you can always rely on them. We also provide innovative solutions for our clients so you can feel rest assured that we are tailoring this specific project just for you and what will work best for your plan.

We would love to help resolve the current issues you might be facing or work with you from the ground up to ensure these problems will not happen to you! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or have a project we can work on together.

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