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Hurricane Safety Procedures

Maddox Electric Company’s Hurricane Electrical Safety Practices

The forecasters at the Climate Prediction Center, a division of the National Weather Service, are predicting above-average hurricane and storm activity this year. This would be the seventh consecutive above average hurricane season. The Atlantic hurricane season predictions include 65% chance of above normal season, a 25% chance of a normal season, and a 10% chance of below average season.

Your Homes Electrical Infrastructure

Even outside of the hurricane season, electrical hazards are increased by old wiring, non-

compliant installations, and failing equipment. These conditions can get worse during high winds and rain. It’s not a bad idea to have your home’s electrical inspected by a licensed and qualified company.

Pay attention to your electrical equipment outside of your house. Look for loose boxes,

equipment that is rusting, and ensure everything is tightly fastened in place. Remove any

extension cords that are outside. Electrical cords in water are an electrocution hazard. Maintain trees and branches that are close by to any power line, or electrical equipment.

Backup Power

If you have a generator for your home, ensure that you have enough fuel and be prepared in case there are gas shortages after the storm. Make sure that your generator is well maintained and tested as soon as you can. Understand your generators capabilities and how much load you can back up. Most portable generators will only feed a couple of outlets so make sure you are connecting the most important loads like your refrigerator. Don’t try to do any electrical work yourself if unqualified, use extension cords from your portable generator to connect the loads. Generators release carbon monoxide which is toxic. Make sure your generators are outdoors while running and in a well-ventilated area.

The Best Time To Prepare is Now!

Early preparations and understanding risks are key to being hurricane resilient. It’s easy to push off getting prepared during the summer months when you’re enjoying the beach. But don’t wait!There’s no reason to be caught by surprise. Make a checklist, perform routine inspections, and reach out to a licensed qualified company if you have any electrical concerns.

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