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Maddox Joins the Green Business Bureau

Maddox Electric Company is a sustainable electrical construction service that aims to lead the industry with sustainable design and development. For over 30 years, Maddox Electric has worked on projects of various sizes, using the latest technology and meeting the highest industry standards.

By joining the Green Business Bureau, Maddox aims to gain a fuller understanding of their environmental impact, for continuous sustainable development. Their main focus has been to build a comprehensive recycling program and to reduce the company’s fossil fuel demand with effective energy management.

To drive these green changes, Maddox has given their employees a voice by creating a sustainability committee. This committee hosts a diverse range of opinions including those for and those against the suggested green changes. The aim is to establish a green culture and to build momentum for sustainable change internally.

Providing commercial and industrial sustainable electrical construction services

Maddox Electric Company is a large union electrical contractor, providing commercial and industrial electric supply and services in Orlando and Central Florida. Their biggest customers are the ones they’ve been serving for 20+ years – this includes the largest amusement parks located in Central Florida. Hence Maddox services specialize in amusement parks and attractions.

Maddox believes that construction is not just about having a good design, it’s about providing an experience, state-of-the-art management tools, adherence to the highest standards, having a strong commitment to research, and mastering cutting-edge technologies.

To fulfill these values, Maddox is run by teams of highly qualified personnel who are uniquely skilled in providing customers with exactly what they want. The aim at Maddox is to create a product that’s aesthetically pleasing, reliable, safe, incorporates the leading technology for the time, and is energy efficient to meet the organization’s sustainability targets.

Developing a comprehensive recycling program and energy management system

Maddox Electrical Company believes a sustainable business model allows them to better serve their community while being responsible and maintaining integrity.

With this in mind, Maddox’s main green goals have been to ensure 100% of recyclables are processed properly, and that the company is supporting a zero-carbon future by reducing their fossil-fuel energy demand through effective energy management.

  • Recycling waster materials: Maddox is working with a local family-owned recycling business to ensure that 100% of their recyclables are processed properly.

  • Effective energy management: Maddox has built a new state-of-the-art facility that meets all of the current building and energy codes. They are also looking to enter the renewable energy market and have since partnered with some specialty companies that focus on that.

Maddox began their sustainability journey by firstly addressing the minor changes that will conserve resources in the long run. Saved money is then used to drive bigger sustainable change by investing in more green initiatives, charitable donations, or green credits. The aim is to use any financial excess for something responsible.

Using the Green Business Bureau as a guide for sustainable electrical construction

Maddox Electrical Company signed up for the Green Business Bureau to become more aware of their environmental impact, align with their customer’s desires, and address the concerns of their employees.

The Green Business Bureau’s EcoAssessment and EcoPlanner help guide Maddox towards greater sustainability while transparently documenting their achievements to stakeholders using their EcoProfile. For Maddox, signing up for the Green Business Bureau was the responsible move to make.

The sustainability challenge: Facing resistance from employees

Sustainable design is a strategic shift that affects everyone who’s invested and interacting with the company. This includes employees, customers, and investors (plus other stakeholders).

For Maddox Electrical Company this has posed a challenge in the form of employee resistance to the sustainable changes made. That is, some employees have disagreed with the direction of the company.

Yet, Maddox has proactively addressed this challenge by recognizing sustainable design is an entire company decision that impacts everyone.

Rallying support by creating a sustainability committee

To rally support and adopt a sustainable business culture, Maddox Electric Company Inc. made sure to listen to and document everyone’s concerns and comments on the organization’s sustainable development plan.

Maddox ran an initial buy-off meeting with all of the company’s leadership team. This meeting gave employees a voice and an opportunity to share their insights and opinions on the proposed business changes. The leadership team engaged in discussion and debated different ideas and challenges that they may all face.

Maddox also established a sustainability committee of proponents, neutrals, and opponents. This way, the company could utilize the differences in opinions to ensure every decision the company made considered voices from all sides.

Operating by their values to serve the community and be responsible

Serving our community, being responsible, and having integrity go hand in hand with who we are as a company. Taking a greener business approach and moving towards a sustainable future benefits our company and employees, plus aligns us with our customers’ goals – which in the end benefits everyone in our community. Our approach is not only to make initial changes but to create a culture of awareness that will be implemented in our practices moving forward. We as a company agree that it’s the responsible move to make and one that just makes sense.” – Randy Maddox, President of Maddox Electric Company

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