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Safety First: Our Strategy for Planning Ahead

At Maddox Electric Company, our field team understand the importance of electrical safety on projects. Our highly trained team designs and constructs every project with essential safety components and precautions in place.

We’ve also created a mobile training program to provide onsite safety instruction at every job. Our Mobile Safety Training Center allows us to supply timely and site-specific training so everyone stays aware and safe. With the Mobile Safety Training Center, our safety directors and trainers are able to visit multiple job sites to do the presentations and provide up to date training for our field staff. We always plan ahead so we can prevent safety hazards and help you maintain an efficient and safe work environment.

Top Four Electrical Safety Tips

Safety during electrical construction projects is crucial for both contractors and clients. To plan ahead and prioritize safety, we keep these four electrical safety tips in mind:

1. Avoid Extension Cords In all our electrical design and construction plans, we avoid extension cords as much as possible. People can easily trip over extension cords, causing injury and damage to the cord. We opt for alternatives such as installing more accessible power outlets and use more innovative battery powered tools. One of the most dangerous and easiest to mitigate hazards tend to be proper use of cords and GFI protection of these.

2. Use Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) One of the biggest risks to electrical workers and anyone exposed to electrical construction areas is live wire contact. Contact with a live wire can result in electrocution, serious injury and even death. The best way to prevent these serious injuries, it is our policy to never work on any energized piece of equipment. However, in the extreme case that we have to work a critical piece of equipment while energized, we take special care to acknowledge and adhere to all possible precautions.

While you might expect electricity to be our biggest risk, it is actually hand and eye protection. It is our policy to use eye protection while at any jobsite, regardless of the task. Our field staff also uses gloves on their hands for all tasks, ensuring our teams are working as diligently and safely as possible.

3. Test Equipment Before we begin work, we test to make sure circuits are de-energized. We run tests on electrical feeder wire insulation to ensure there are no risks present prior to energizing. We also run tests to find underground wires so we can isolate hazardous areas, and we inspect all equipment to make sure everything is working properly. By testing equipment first, we can identify any potential issues before they become hazards.

4. Design a Detailed Plan When it comes to job planning, our very first step is safety planning. Our safety plan involves critical training for all employees as well as site-specific details and precautions. With a pre-task plan in place that everyone can reference, we can prevent major problems from occurring and maintain a safe work environment. Benefits of Safety Planning

Prioritizing safety on an electrical construction project can prevent injury and save lives. The many other benefits of proper safety planning include:

Save time: By keeping workers safe and healthy, we are able to avoid costly downtime on your project. Attract and retain talent: Workers value companies that prioritize their safety. Because safety is our top priority and we offer unmatched onsite safety training, we attract and retain the best electricians in the industry.

Maintain integrity: At Maddox Electric Company, integrity is one of our core values, and maintaining electrical safety in the workplace is our baseline for integrity. People want to work with companies that demonstrate integrity and compassion, and prioritizing safety is simply the right thing to do. We want each and every employee to return safely to their homes at the end of their shifts.

Contact Maddox Electric Company Today At Maddox Electric Company, we have been a leader in electrical services in central Florida for nearly three decades. To learn more about our services, contact us today.

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