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Pre-Construction Electric Services: An Overview

When you need electrical contractors in central Florida, Maddox Electric Company has the expert service you require. For nearly three decades, we have been an industry leader in electrical construction. We also offer numerous pre-construction services to ensure we can provide exactly what you need.

1. Budgets and Estimates At Maddox Electric Company, we understand the importance of setting a budget and sticking to it. We also know how important it is for you to have precise information to work with before moving forward. That’s why we provide estimates and budget options upfront for complete transparency.

We carefully review each project and develop a budget based on previous work done and your current needs. You can count on our budgets and estimates to be accurate, fast and reliable. We will also work with you to meet and modify your budget based on your project specifications.

2. Design Options and Assistance When it comes to design services, we offer numerous options to develop the perfect design for your space. Our expert team will provide design solutions that are high-quality, cost-efficient and quick to complete. We also consult with the construction design team so they can advise on the logistics of the desired design, which will ultimately speed up the construction process.

3. Cost Savings Suggestions As we work with you to create the design and build plans, we will alert you to all opportunities for cost savings. We take an innovative approach to all our projects, which gives us a unique perspective and expert knowledge. This knowledge allows us to identify areas where slight adjustments will make a significant difference in cost. For customers whose budget is a major factor, our cost savings suggestions can help keep your financials on track and save you money.

4. Constructability Reviews To avoid potential surprises during the construction process, we conduct constructability reviews. This process allows us to identify potential obstacles before we start building to prevent as many delays as possible. We review everything thoroughly in a step-by-step plan so we can see both the small details and the big picture. 5. Schedule Input

5. Schedule Input At Maddox Electric Company, we understand the delicate balance between creating a timely schedule and making sure each part of the construction process is precisely completed. That’s why we offer upfront schedule input so you have a realistic timeframe for the work you need to be completed. We provide accurate, realistic schedule feedback that you can trust, so you won’t have to worry about missing deadlines or delays.

6. Material Specification Insight The right material choices for a project are essential. When the wrong materials are used, this can result in build problems as well as extra time spent on labor due to difficult material handling. At Maddox Electric Company, we review your material specification and provide insight into which materials can save you time and money. Contact Maddox Electric Company Today

Let the experts at Maddox Electric Company assist you with the electrical construction process. For more information about our services, contact us today.

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