Why People Choose Maddox

Our Experience Powers Your Future

We pull off what others can’t

At Maddox Electric Company Inc. we have completed many one-of-a-kind theme park and entertainment projects that push the limits of technology, creativity and design, and this has taught us that construction is not just about a design  – it’s about experience, state-of-the art management tools, adherence to the highest industry standards, and a strong commitment to researching and mastering cutting edge technologies.  We pull off what others can’t because we have solid standards and processes in place that create efficiency, encourage creativity, ensure quality, and demand safety.

Our team is made up of highly professional qualified personnel who are uniquely skilled in providing our customers with exactly what they want.  In fact, we have years of experience working with some of the world’s most (by their own claim) demanding and exacting customers.  They have expected their jobsites to be clean, safe and efficiently managed.  They expect contractors to ensure no inconvenience of any kind to their guests, customers, employees or other operations.  Additionally, the final product must be energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing, reliable, safe, and incorporate the most leading technology of the time.

Our customers have demanded all of this and Maddox has delivered by incorporating the following process into every project that we do:

  • Identifying the special requirements of the project
  • Careful, creative and exacting planning of the work
  • Executing the plan safely and efficiently
  • Monitoring performance throughout the project
  • Taking swift corrective action when necessary
  • Being intentional about clear, concise communication with the owner, A/E firm and other contractors on the job

This is a process not an event!

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