Medium-Voltage Electrical Contractor

If you’re in need of electrical repairs for your business or workplace, hiring an electrical contractor is the answer to all your medium-voltage electrical needs. From simple fixes to full-fledged installations, electrical contractors can make sure your electrical project is handled in the safest and most efficient possible way.

Whether you’re looking for a medium-voltage electrical contractor, Maddox Electric Company has the skills and experience to get the job done right. With services in generators, power distribution equipment, transformers, conductors and high-end industrial and scientific equipment, Maddox has you covered.

Medium-Voltage Electrical Services

Medium-voltage constitutes an electromotive force of anywhere from 1,000 to 72,500 volts. Larger industrial complexes and factories typically require medium-voltage electricity to run efficiently. With the proper generator support, these structures can even continue to operate in the midst of power outages.

Medium-voltage drives come with a series of benefits. They:

  • Operate at high supply voltage with lower losses
  • Use cables that result in better overall drive efficiency
  • Provide better economy over 500 hp
  • Come in smaller unit sizes
  • Require lower installation costs

Why Choose Maddox as Your Medium-Voltage Electrical Contractor?

At Maddox Electric Company, our team of highly skilled and expertly trained personnel is here to provide you with exactly what you’re looking for. We’ll strive to meet all your medium-voltage electrical contracting needs in a way that is safe, reliable, energy-efficient and clean.

We pride ourselves on pushing the limits of technology, creativity and design in every project we undertake. Maddox utilizes state-of-the-art management tools while staying true to industry standards for the most high-quality services. We rise above other electrical contractors because we have high standards of efficiency, quality, creativity and safety.

With more than 30 years of experience, Maddox is prepared to assist you with electrical projects of any size. From theme parks to commercial offices to solar and more, our services suit a variety of industries. We always adhere to our core values of safety, integrity and teamwork when we take on a job, which is why you can rely on us for the best electrical contracting services.

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