BIM Services

You can’t construct a building without having an idea of what it will look like first. With building information modeling, it’s possible to conceive this image in a way that’s both high-tech and efficient. Building information modeling — or BIM — is the collaborative planning, design and construction process behind 3D model-based projects. By creating highly detailed building models, stakeholders can explore design options while also visualizing structures before they’re built.

Building information modeling comes with many attached benefits. If you’re looking for BIM services, Maddox Electric Company is your go-to contractor. We provide commercial BIM services to architects and construction planners, building projects to their exact specifications while minimizing constructability issues.

Provider of Commercial Building Information Modeling Services

At Maddox, we offer top-of-the-line building information modeling services in Orlando. With high-quality designs that reflect our values of creativity and innovation, we provide our clients with the best BIM services. When you book with us, we’ll go through a series of steps to create your building model:

  1. Coordinate a design among the BIM team.
  2. Take care of time-saving prefabrication projects like light fixture assembly and overhead racks.
  3. Create installation shop drawings to make sure installations can be done correctly the first time.
  4. Set up BIM stations where installers can view and access the model in real time and coordinate on-site without information delay.

When you hire Maddox, you’ll reap the many benefits of building information modeling, including:

  • Captured reality: Creates a comprehensive model that a paper design simply cannot capture.
  • Renovation convenience: Makes it easy to replace installed products or incorporate upgrades based on the model.
  • Model-based cost estimation: Simplifies cost estimation, reducing the amount of time it would normally take to determine pricing.
  • Energy-saving software: Analyzes energy efficiency and sustainability to eliminate energy waste.
  • Clash detection: Draws attention to any architectural clashes before the building is constructed, reducing potential on-site clash costs.

Why Choose Maddox for BIM Services?

Maddox offers BIM services and has for more than 30 years. We have the skill and know-how to tackle electrical contracting projects of any size. And with our focus on technology, creativity and design, you can expect highly innovative work from our company. Our talented contractors utilize state-of-the-art management tools and adhere to the top industry standards to make each project come to life.

As a professional company with so many years of experience in commercial building information modeling, prefabrication and electrical construction, we hold ourselves to the highest service standards. With our three core values of safety, integrity and teamwork, you’ll know you can trust us with all of your electrical contracting needs.

Take Advantage of Building Information Modeling Services

If you’re looking to book building information modeling services, Maddox is your leader in high-quality electrical contracting. From theme parks to commercial offices to data centers and beyond, our projects range from commercial to industrial and cover a wide variety of leading industries. Reach out to us today to get more information on our many excellent services or hire us for your next project.