Plan Ahead – Safety First!

At Maddox we are so committed to safety that we have created a Mobile Safety Training Center which we use for onsite safety training to ensure that safety is first and foremost on every job.  The Mobile Safety Training Center gives us the unique ability to provide timely, flexible and specific training on every jobsite and ensure that everyone is safety aware at all times. Because of our emphasis on serving Florida’s premier entertainment and hospitality industries we have become leaders in completing projects that are clean, efficient and exceptionally safe.  We are recognized as leaders in jobsite safety and have established a detailed and committed safety philosophy that exceeds the high safety standards demanded by our customers. Our safety philosophy consists of seven major points:

  1. The first step in job planning is safety planning
  2. We will eliminate injuries/illnesses to every employee and damage to equipment and property
  3. Each and every employee takes responsibility for the safety of all
  4. We are committed to protecting anyone affected by our work, including the public, our customers, our subcontractors, and our vendors.
  5. Safety awareness is first and foremost at all times and permeates every level of the company and every jobsite
  6. We ALL believe that ALL injuries are preventable
  7. Our company values each employee, and commits to sending every employee home in the same condition in which they arrive at work

Our safety motto of “Plan Ahead – Safety First!” can be seen on our Mobile Safety Training Center and at our corporate headquarters in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, but more importantly it can be experienced on every one of our jobs.