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Lead Estimator

  • Department: Estimating
  • Exempt: Yes
  • Date: 02/17/2021

The Lead Estimator is required to assign work to estimating staff and oversee progress of estimates. Review finished estimates with estimator and help finalize for bidding. Assure procedures are in conformance with company standards.

Position Specific Responsibilities:

  • Forward requests for quotations.
  • Update bid schedule.
  • Assign jobs to estimators and review progress and workloads to assure schedules and dates are met.
  • Determine the most competitive bid approach with the Executive team.
  • Ensure the Project Bidding and Strategy plan is effectively implemented to the estimating team.
  • Review the estimate’s consistency with Maddox Electric Company’s bid objectives.
  • Review estimates for completeness and analyze for preparation of bid.
  • Review labor rates, indirect labor, expenses, etc. as suitable for job.
  • Attend pre-bids, walk-throughs, and related meetings, as required, in order to become familiar with the scope and details of the product.
  • Evaluate value engineering and scope clarification opportunities.
  • Assist in bidding to General Contractor’s or others and develop communications with parties receiving quotes.
  • Establish a cooperative, professional relationship with Customers, Engineers, and General Contractors involved in the project in order to develop knowledge of the project scope.
  • Work with Purchasing and Vendors to review Bills of Material and to evaluate quotes.
  • Develop a procedure and policy to maintain bid files and records.
  • Review all required bid documents and forms to be submitted with the bid.
  • Recognize and request advice on any unknown information such as special contract language, insurance requirements, special equipment, materials, systems or methods.
  • Maintain Company standards and procedures in estimating methods and techniques.

General Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that staff members participate fully in all Corporate and other training as required.
  • Oversee work and actions of all Direct Reports to insure that the responsibilities listed in their job descriptions are completed in a timely and satisfactory manner, including assurance of accuracy.
  • Conduct Performance Management reviews with all Direct Reports in accordance with the corporate Performance Management System.
  • Provide adequate information to staff members concerning department activities on a regular basis to allow complete coordination of department staff through the use of regularly scheduled department meetings.
  • Perform additional tasks as assigned by manager or which are logically inherent to this position.
  • Work with manager to Identify “critical path activities” of this position and, when directed, prepare documentation of the major processes required to accomplish these activities and submit to manager for final approval. Once approved, insure that other staff members, as identified by manager, understand the process and can provide adequate back-up for these “critical path” activities. Review documentation on an annual basis and make necessary adjustments to reflect current processes.
  • Communicate information concerning department operations to the Vice-President, Construction Operations and other managers as appropriate to allow all parties to have a full understanding of overall corporate operations.
  • Actively pursue and generate business opportunities and cultivate relationships with both existing and potential customers, while ensuring complete customer satisfaction.
  • Ensure that all duties of this position and those of team members reporting to this position, are carried out in compliance with Maddox Electric Company’s stated mission, vision, values, safety standards, and company policies and procedures.
  • Maintain vendor relationships that enhance and protect the corporation’s position, while working within both the company’s policies and the current legal standards. This includes taking necessary precautions to avoid situations that could be construed as a conflict of interest or that could be deemed to be sufficient to unduly influence the employee’s ability to make prudent decisions that are in the best interest of the corporation. If there are any questions concerning a specific situation, the employee’s participation is to be approved in advance by the manager of this position.
  • Be willing to work whatever hours are necessary to ensure that job duties are performed completely and accurately.

Desired Education and/or Experience Level:

  • 5 years of experience in project estimating and bidding

Desired Qualifications:

  • There are currently no qualifications other than those listed above for entry into this position. 

Necessary Skills:

  • Ability to operate the Accubid computer estimating system as well as a knowledge of the data base, it’s scope and application
  • Understanding of Outlook, Word and Excel
  • Knowledge of methods and labor units for proper application and procedures
  • Knowledge of project general conditions, bidding requirements, bonding, and insurance
  • Ability to read and understand all types of construction plans and specifications.
  • Working knowledge of trade terms, material, methods, codes, contract, and specification language as well as bidding methods
  • Must have developed an approach to estimating that is coordinated, consistent, thoughtful, accurate and versatile enough to adapt to each type of project
  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment
  • Effective reasoning and judgement abilities.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • People and communication skills
  • Ability to capitalize on opportunities

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