Common Electrical Problems That Businesses Face & How We Can Help!

As electrical contractors we have come across many common electrical problems that businesses face. These electrical problems are occurrences that could happen often around your place of business. The electrical issues normally go one of two ways, either you are able to go on about your business day temporarily solving the issue or it completely disrupt your business and you have to shut down for the day.


Tips for Hiring an Electrical Contractor

When you are looking to work with an electrical contractor, there are many important factors that go into making your final decision. Check out our 5 tips to help narrow down your search.


Matthew’s Hope Donation Drive

In December, we hosted a drive for Matthew’s Hope which is a non-profit homeless outreach ministry organization in Winter Garden, FL.


Safety Tips for the Holidays!


One of the best parts of the Holiday Season is decorating the house with trees, lights, candles and more. With Holiday magic comes a responsibility to keep your house and family safe from common fire hazards that can occur during this season. Check out some tips we put together to help you make sure your house is ready and SAFE for the Holidays!


The Electrical Industry: 5 Career Options

If you’re interested in pursuing an electrical career, you have no shortage of options to choose from. Many different types of electrical engineering careers as well as electrician jobs are available today. Professionals in the industry are in high demand, and you can count on steady work with a variety of excellent benefits if you become one of those professionals.


Pre-Construction Electric Services: An Overview

Overview of pre construction services

When you need electrical contractors in central Florida, Maddox Electric Company has the expert service you require. For nearly three decades, we have been an industry leader in electrical construction. We also offer numerous pre-construction services to ensure we can provide exactly what you need.


Safety First: Our Strategy for Planning Ahead

At Maddox Electric Company, our field team understand the importance of electrical safety on projects. Our highly trained team designs and constructs every project with essential safety components and precautions in place.

We’ve also created a mobile training program to provide onsite safety instruction at every job. Our Mobile Safety Training Center allows us to supply timely and site-specific training so everyone stays aware and safe. With the Mobile Safety Training Center, our safety directors and trainers are able to visit multiple jobsites to do the presentations and provide up to date training for our field staff. We always plan ahead so we can prevent safety hazards and help you maintain an efficient and safe work environment.


BIM in the Electrical Industry

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a source of technology meant to improve the planning process of projects so that workers can anticipate any potential conflicts with a complex project, look for opportunities to improve an installation and coordinate with other trades on a construction project. 

BIM is still a relatively new option, but it presents many great advantages for working on projects. That said, Maddox Electric has been using this technology for over a decade as we continue to push the limits and solve some variables still causing electrical construction projects to face difficult challenges. We will discuss how BIM has been impacting the electrical construction industry as well as ways that Maddox Electric implements BIM.


4 Industry Trends to Expect in 2020

2020 is a year surrounded by the words “green” and “sustainability,” and that’s far from all. A focus on making the world safer and healthier to live in puts pressure on every industry to continue to change. Electrical construction is one of many industries facing the challenge to improve and become more creative. Let’s take a look at four trends electrical contractors and construction crews should watch out for in 2020.